Thursday, 9 May 2013

Runway Knitwear Realness and Other Knitting Fables

Althea never let little matters like incorrect medicine dosages, drunken hairdressers, or not having finished her knitting projects on time stop her from serving up runway knitwear realness.

Cherrill figured she'd put together exactly the right look for her local PETA chapter's deer hunting protest this fall. There was no reason why an activist couldn't look cute and pulled together. Her cousin Jake kept going on about how it might be dangerous to be in the woods in such an outfit when there was hunting going on, but Cherrill ignored him. Jake could hardly expect any respect from her as long as he ate hot dogs, owned a leather jacket and hired an exterminator to murder the cockroaches in his house.

Sometimes Mai's friends wondered if she'd ever really get past not making the volleyball team in high school.

Arden wasn't quite sure how she'd gotten the stitch gauge measurement and the total garment length numbers so wrong, but decided that given that she'd simultaenously tried to cook a turkey at five degrees for 325 hours, she would avoid doing any domestic tasks the next time she was taking a magic mushroom trip.

Lois had heard that pets grow to resemble their owners, but to her disappointment, Mitzi hadn't. Lois, however, was a woman of determination and crochet skills and took the matter into her own hands. Next, she thought, she'd get Mitzi her own string of pearls.

Lilith really enjoyed making special mother and daughter outfits for all occasions. She felt she'd really outdone herself when it came to making dresses for her coven's Beltane celebration, and was miffed that her daughter Jadis was so disaffected and unappreciative of her efforts.

Elspeth was determined that that witch Lilith wasn't going to outshine her at her own Beltane celebration.

Jeannie had been so disappointed about the end of her figure skating days until she found a way to keep living the dream off the ice.

Daria looked for every opportunity to keep her hard-won Girl Scout knot-tying skills sharp.

Cinda had always disliked the way knitters tended to wear handknitted items that, though beautiful in themselves, didn't match, and she was determined that wasn't going to be the case with her. She figured she just needed to make a fair isle hat, gloves, and purse to round out her set and then she'd be good to go.

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