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Bergère de France Magazine #167: A Review, Part 1

Today's review post concerns a magazine I haven't done before, Bergère de France. I'll be covering all its issues from now on, starting with its most recent edition, Magazine #167, which contains spring and summer patterns for kids age 0 to 10. Since there are 42 patterns in this issue, I'll split the review into two posts, the second of which I'll post tomorrow.

Pattern #01 and Pattern #02 are a pretty little sweater and hat that can be made and worn separately or as a set. The bodice is knitted and the arms crocheted. A little girl could get a lot of wear out of this one, as it would look good worn over a simple summer dress as well as with a t-shirt and jeans or shorts. Love the scalloped edging — finishing details like that really elevate an entire design. The hat is simple yet pretty and can also go anywhere from the beach to church.

Pattern #03 is a crocheted and knitted sleeveless top. I'm not as enthusiastic about this top — the shaping is a little awkward, but it's still attractive enough.

Pattern #04 is a crocheted dress. Very pretty, and I love this coral colour, but I would be uncomfortable with how much of the child's skin (and underwear) are going to be visible through those holes. I'd either make the child a cotton slip to wear underneath this dress or, more likely, just make another pattern with better coverage.

Pattern #05 is a strappy baby's sundress and Pattern #06 is a matching pair of mary jane slippers. Very cute, though I'm not crazy about the flat, squarish bow on the front. I'd want to fix that bow to look more like a bow should look.

Pattern #07 is a pretty little cardigan. I'd want to put a button or a ribbon tie or something at the top to make it stay closed. As far as I can tell from the picture, it's not fastened in this sample and it isn't going to lie closed like that for long.

Pattern #08 is a simple little striped pullover. The colourway doesn't appeal but that's probably just personal preference.

Pattern #09 is an almost aggressively unappealing doll. A square head with a stringy little body and limbs? Really?

Pattern #10 is a simple little striped dress in that brown and yellow colourway, which is not improving on acquaintance. This dress will look much more appealing in just about any other colourway.

Pattern #11 is a little dress, hat and bootees, which are quite simple and pretty. This time we got a white with the same yellow. There must have been some sort of overstock of that yellow in the warehouse.

Pattern #12 is a very cute little cardigan. The bows on this one have a little more shape to them and really add to the appeal. I'm also impressed that the bodice stripes and the sleeve stripes match up at the armhole seam.

Pattern #13 is for a "comboshorts" and hat set. I don't see the appeal of this one. It's a onesie with an odd side fastening, and it has the exact same narrow stripes and colourway we've already seen half a dozen times in this magazine. Go for a little more variety, Bergère de France.

Pattern #14 is a simple garter stitch striped pullover with a double pocket in front. It's an okay pattern but nothing special.

Pattern #15 is a zip-front ribbed jacket. It's a basic, classic design. The pocket openings do look a little rough.

Pattern #16 is a pullover with a front double pocket and striped sleeves. More stripes, more brown and yellow, though at least this time it's brown and yellow in a different brand of yarn than what was previously shown.

Pattern #17 is a pair of rompers, and they're very pretty. I love the embroidery on the crocheted yoke, which is an easy and not very time-intensive way to make a very basic pattern into something special.

Pattern #18 is a pair of sandals that will go with the rompers above. That embroidery really is a very nice touch.

Pattern #19 is a pair of pants that are meant to be worn over a baby's diaper. I really wouldn't bother with this pattern at all. I can't see the point of spending all that time making something so very utilitarian and, well, unattractive, when it can be bought quite inexpensively. Hurrah for mass production, and save your crafting time to make interesting and distinctive things you can really enjoy.

Pattern #20 is for a hat and bracelet. The embroidered hat is really pretty. Although I don't usually like jewelry made from yarn, I think I might have to yield a point and say it's fine for little girls, who can only wear fun little bits of costume jewelry anyway.

Pattern #21 is a simple little knitted dress with a touch of embroidery on the yoke. Very pretty.

Look for the second half of my review of Bergère de France Magazine #167 tomorrow morning.

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