Monday, 6 May 2013

Knitting Imitates Life Forms

If the handcrafted bouquets I posted about yesterday weren't realistic enough for your taste, you might like to check out the work of American artist Tatyana Yanishevsky, whose specializes in knitting and crocheting replicas of items from the natural world. The hibiscus above is one of the pieces from her stunning Knit Garden exhibit.

Yanishevsky's other collections are well worth a look too. Above is the "Cavernous Rage" piece from the Rupture collection of exploding anthers. This exploded anther has an inner red and blue glow that can be switched on and off with a pull cord.

Yanashevsky's other collections are the Human exhibit, which features a knitted heart and lungs rigged with a repeat cycle timer that makes them inflate and deflate, and All Hung Up (aquatic life forms) and Spikes and Spheres (what it says on the tin).

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