Monday, 18 March 2013

Another Reason Not to Drink the Kool-Aid

Here's an excellent tutorial on how to hand dye yarn using Kool-Aid from the knitting blog Maiya knits. Mayhem ensues.

Here's another skein, dyed by Maiya with different flavours. Maiya has also experimented with dyeing yarn just one shade of Kool Aid. And she's not alone. There's a Ravelry group called What a Kool Way to Dye that shares information and ideas on how to dye with Kool Aid. Knitty also offers us a tutorial on how to dye with Kool Aid.

The resulting hats, made for Maiya's two little boys. I've never dyed any yarn, but I may have to try out this idea. It sounds really easy (you basically just make some Kool-Aid ice cubes and set the yarn outside in the sun), and the resulting colours are so fresh and so candied in tone that they are, as you might expect, perfect for kid's items.

Coming up: Tomorrow's post is the Knit.Wear Spring issue review!


  1. A friend of mine dyed some yarn using orange Koolaid (she was making a soft toy based on an animated character in a TV ad - long story). It was very successful - and the yarn had a faint smell of orange combined with wool.