Monday, 11 March 2013

Go For the Gold... Yarn

Next in the "they can make yarn out of anything" category, we have... gold yarn. This Buffalo Gold yarn, brought to us by The Buffalo Wool Co. which specializes in bison yarn, is 3-ply fingering-weight made from 100% pure bison down twisted with pure gold wrapped around silk. This is a special edition yarn that may be gone before this piece on it even posts. Buffalo Wool Co. promises us that this yarn is "ready for scarves and shawls that will become a heirloom in the making". At $175(USD) per 2oz/57g hank, it had better be an heirloom lovely enough to pacify your children for the correspondingly smaller size of their college funds. I'm not tempted to buy this yarn as I look terrible in gray and don't care for the colour combination of gray and gold anyway, but I would like to touch it. I can't help wondering how those glints of gold would feel against the face. Mightn't they be a bit stiff and scratchy?


  1. Have you tried Kraemer's Yarn Sterling? Here's a link:

    I am not sure if they are still using silver in it or not. The yarn page says aluminum, but the online purchase page says silver. It is nice, though.

  2. Lion Brand stainless steel wool is not at all scratchy, so this probably wouldn't be either. I think a lot would depend on the shape of the extruded wire.