Saturday, 9 March 2013

Knit-Perfect Portraiture

Polish artist Izabela Kaczmarek-Szurek, who also goes by the name Formallina, works in various media: painting, illustration, typography design and, of course, extreme knitting. In 2008 she created a calendar using twelve of her Warhol-esque knitted portraits of various famous faces (George Michael, Joan Collins, David Bowie, Paris Hilton) all incorporated into common knitted items (a sweater, a bikini, a cushion, a dog sweater), in ways that on the whole seem a sardonic commentary on the celebrity's individual and collective meaning and value in our culture.

You can check out all twelve of the calendar images here, and visit Formallina's blog to see and read about more of her work. Formallina's grasp of the English language is a little uncertain, but her artwork has a clear and definite universal appeal.

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