Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Knitting Pattern Hunt

In honour of its being Easter, I thought I'd offer up some ideas and patterns for Easter-themed knitting projects. It may not surprise you to learn that there's a dearth of cool Easter-related project ideas. I hosted the Swan family Easter do for ten years straight, and I used to casually browse through a few stores for Easter ornaments every year, thinking that, what with up to 15 people dropping by my place for Easter lunch every year, it might make sense for me to own some decorations. And every year every Easter ornament I ever saw was uniformly hideously tacky. It was all bunnies and chicks and pastels and kitsch, oh my. I always opted to buy a couple of bouquets of fresh flowers and make several floral arrangements instead.

Happily, when it came to researching this post, I was able to find half a dozen pretty patterns for you that I hope you like. Above, of course, is the first pattern I found, which is for Easter eggs. And the pattern is free.

I don't think too many little girls would wrinkle their noses at this prettily dressed bunny. Unless they are trying to relate to it.

Baby bunnie beanie. This is another free pattern. It's wise to get all your parental zoomorphizing impulses out of the way before your children are old enough to understand and protest it.

These are actually almost funky and cool. I'm thinking you could fashion them so as to be opened via a buttoned flap on the bottom, and then you'd be able to them as treat containers for the Easter egg hunt. And the pattern is free.

An Easter dress that a little girl could continue to wear through the spring and summer.

And something for the grownups. This floral top is striking and will make the woman who wears it look dressed to celebrate the coming of spring without turning her into a large scale nursery decoration.

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