Sunday, 17 March 2013

Knit o' the Irish

So if you're feeling in an Irish mood today and want to knit something that suits the day, you could knit this. That is, theoretically. But actually you won't, because I haven't included a link and you'd have to do some googling to find the pattern yourself and you don't want to bother doing that at all. No, you really don't. Because I said so.

After that first pattern, we have a palate refresher in the form of this Shamrock Hat, by Andrea Rainey. This pattern is available for $5.00(USD).

Here's another another hat, the Lá Fhéile Pádraig (St Patrick's Day) Hat, by Katinka Knits, that you can be proud to wear to the parade. This pattern is available for $5.25(USD).

If you want to be more subtle about your Irish spirit, here's a fetching pair of Shamrock Socks, designed by Phazelia. This pattern is available for $3.00(USD).

If you were looking for just a small St. Patrick's Day project to whip up by day's end, you can make yourself some shamrocks to pin on your coat, and bling them up. These shamrocks were designed by Vickie Howell and the pattern is available on her blog.

You can't begin too early to instil some Irish pride in your child. Or maybe you can, but these shamrock booties are still really cute and would be quick to make. They're another of Vickie Howell's free patterns.

Serve up your Irish stew and Irish whiskey cake with the proper accoutrements. These potholders/dishcloth patterns are an All Free Knitting pattern.

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