Friday, 1 March 2013

The Silence of the Sheep

I can't find anything on who made this chair (let me know if you can) but doesn't it look like the ultimate knitting chair? The sheep heads will be the perfect aid in winding hanks or in blocking hats. Your small children and/or pets won't bother you while you're knitting because they'll have run screaming from whatever room the chair was placed in the day it came into the house. If you're a spinner, you'll probably have to hold yourself back from stripping the wool off the chair when you're running short on roving, and some night down the road you'll probably wake up in the wee small hours to find these sheep are standing over you armed with shearing knives and muttering something about Buffalo Bill's "woman suit", but oh well. It's not every day one has a knitting chair that looks both cushy and like the evil entity in a Stephen King novel.

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